Jetson AGX Xavier

NVIDIA ® Jetson AGX Xavier ™ It sets a new benchmark for computing density, energy efficiency and AI reasoning ability of edge devices. It represents the next round of evolution of a new generation of intelligent machines with end-to-end autonomous functions。

  • Size
  • Performance
  • Power waste

The size of Jetson AgX Xavier is only 100 x 87mm, and its performance is comparable to that of large workstations, but its size is only 1 / 10 of that of workstations,. Therefore, it is very suitable for Autonomous machines such as distribution and logistics robots, factory systems and large industrial UAVs.

Jetson AgX Xavier is the world's first computer specially built for Autonomous machines. Its performance can support visual ranging, sensor fusion, positioning and mapping, obstacle detection and path planning algorithms crucial to the next generation of robots. The compact form factor delivers GPU workstation level performance – peak computing power of up to 32 tops and high-speed I / O performance of 750 Gbps.

The Jetson AgX Xavier product family provides high performance for self-service machines in an efficient system. The Jetson AgX Xavier comes with pre configurable power modes of 10W, 15W and 30W respectively, and the Jetson AgX Xavier industrial edition comes with pre configurable power modes of 20W and 40W. These pre configurable power modes can be switched during operation and can be customized according to specific needs.

Suitable for different applications JETSON AGX XAVIER

Jetson AGX Xavier Series modules provide AI performance of up to 32 tops, and NVIDIA's complete set of rich AI tools and workflow can help developers quickly train and deploy neural networks。

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