Deploy anytime, anywhere AI

NVIDIA Fleet Command™ is a cloud service that can securely deploy, manage, and scale AI applications across distributed edge infrastructure. Fleet Command is designed for AI and is a one-stop solution for AI lifecycle management. It provides simplified deployment, hierarchical security protection, and detailed monitoring functions, thus supporting you to realize AI with zero basis in just a few minutes。

Simplified edge AI

It only takes a few clicks to complete the operation from software installation to edge deployment. Tested and optimized solutions "without IT intervention...

Simplified deployment

Easily deploy AI to any location. The simplified interface provides centralized AI management and one-click resource allocation, so you can deploy and expand yo...

AI lifecycle management

Simplify your AI lifecycle management with features designed for ease of use. Update applications wirelessly, extend applications, and monitor AI operation stat...

Layered security protection

Ensure that application data is always protected from the cloud to the edge. Fleet Command follows leading security protocols, encrypts data in transit and data...

Take control of your edge device fleet

It only takes a few minutes to achieve zero basis AI。

NVIDIA Fleet Command simplifies deployment and centrally manages edge AI through cloud services. With only one system installation at a physical location, the life cycle can be managed end-to-end through Fleet Command, making it easy to remotely deploy, update, and monitor AI. Whether it is a retailer who wants to build a smart store, a hospital that uses AI to improve patient care, or a manufacturer who wants to optimize operations, Fleet Command can help them simplify edge AI management。

Fleet Command Practical application

Experience simplified edge deployment

Learn how administrators of all skill levels use NVIDIA Fleet Command to deploy AI in their edge infrastructure in minutes.


Deploy AI with Fleet Command

KION Group has built and operated more than 6000 automated warehouses including multi-level shuttle and conveyor systems. KION Group is using the NVIDIA EGX™ AI...


Quickly track AI models with NVIDIA TAO and Fleet Command

It is difficult and expensive to develop and deploy AI models on a large scale. Watch how NVIDIA Training, Adaptation, and Optimization (TAO) can help you quick...


Deploy AI anytime, anywhere

Smart City

Smart cities are relying on accelerated edge AI to improve pedestrian safety, improve traffic flow, improve customer experience in retail stores, and create saf...


Retailers have developed a variety of AI strategies to improve the customer experience and assist their employees with daily operational tasks, such as smarter ...

Medical and health industry

Realizing edge AI can lay the foundation for building a smart hospital. With the help of smart sensors, doctors can get help to improve patient care, increase d...


With the help of edge AI, companies can place inspection cameras on the factory floor to achieve a safer and streamlined manufacturing process. AI can analyze t...

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