Jetson Xavier NX

NVIDIA ® Jetson Xavier ™ Nx brings the performance of supercomputers to the edge through the compact module system (SOM). The accelerated computing power of up to 21 tops can run modern neural networks in parallel and process data from multiple high-resolution sensors, which is the requirement of a complete AI system。

Cloud native support is now available

Jetson Xavier NX now provides cloud native support, allowing developers to build and deploy high-quality, software defined functions on embedded and edge devices. NVIDIA NGC's pre training AI model and NVIDIA Tao toolkit allow you to quickly train and optimize the AI network. At the same time, the container deployment of Jetson devices can realize flexible and smooth updates. Jetson Xavier NX accelerates the NVIDIA software stack, and its performance is more than 10 times that of the widely used previous generation Jetson TX2。

Compact and powerful edge end performance AI

  • Size
  • Performance
  • Power

XAVIER Performance. Nano size。

The Jetson Xavier NX is only 70mm x 45mm, which can encapsulate the powerful performance of NVIDIA Xavier SOC into the Jetson nano ™ The size of the module. This compact module combines excellent performance and power advantages with a rich set of IO (from high-speed CSI and PCIe to low-speed I2C and GPIO). With its compact shape, numerous interfaces of sensors and excellent performance, it brings new functions to all your embedded AI systems and edge systems。

Powerful 21 tops AI performance

Jetson Xavier NX provides performance up to 21 tops and is ideal for high-performance computing and AI in embedded and edge systems. You can get 384 NVIDIA CUDA ® Cores, 48 tensor cores, 6 Carmel arm CPUs and two NVIDIA deep learning accelerator (nvdla) engines. Coupled with the characteristics of more than 59.7gb/s video memory bandwidth, video coding and decoding, Jetson Xavier NX has become the preferred platform to run multiple modern neural networks in parallel and process high-resolution data from multiple sensors at the same time。

Excellent energy saving effect

With Jetson Xavier NX, you can use the complete NVIDIA software stack to run modern AI networks and frameworks through acceleration libraries, so as to meet the needs of deep learning, computer vision, computer graphics, multimedia, etc. Moreover, it can set aside more power budget for sensors and peripherals required by today's embedded applications。

Ideal for critical embedded applications

Jetson Xavier NX for high-performance AI systems such as drones, portable medical devices, small commercial robots, smart cameras, high-resolution sensors, automated optical inspection, smart factories, and other IoT embedded systems。

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