The world's leading industrial companies are implementing NVIDIA technology to deploy large-scale AI projects. GPU-accelerated computing enables industrial companies to implement industrial-grade AI applications, thereby optimizing operations using massive sensors and operational data, while reducing analysis time and reducing costs。

Application of METROPOLIS in all walks of life

This advanced platform can provide huge advantages for all walks of life。

Speed up AI development and deployment

NVIDIA Work with partners to develop AI solutions aimed at accelerating the deployment of GPU-accelerated deep learning and machine learning models。

Improve accuracy

Use deep learning technology to improve the accuracy of industrial inspection and predictive maintenance algorithms。

Take advantage of AI on an industrial scale

Use the huge data in the device to accelerate the training of AI algorithms and optimize enterprise operations on a large scale。

Speed up software deployment

NVIDIA’s software library and SDK together create a scalable solution that enables customers to deploy inference and AI capabilities in the cloud, on the server...


Use the cloud to democratize the data center

Cloud computing has triggered industry changes by realizing the democratization of data centers and completely changing the way companies operate.All major clou...


Bring powerful computing power to the data center

NVIDIA Tesla GPU-accelerated computing platform NVIDIA Tesla GPU-accelerated computing platform can significantly accelerate the training of deep learning and m...


Edge-accelerated computing

Today's industrial edge computing requires GPU-driven computing power to support industrial inspection and robots in factories, as well as predictive mainte...


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