Declaration of compliance

Leto is committed to strictly complying with all applicable national and international trade policies and practices, including Chinese laws, relevant international trade compliance policies and practices, and applicable foreign laws and regulations. We recognize that a robust compliance program helps us avoid trade risks, shape a positive and responsible corporate image, enhance mutual trust and transparency, and strengthen global partnerships. This can enable us to devote ourselves to the research and development of technology for a long time, enhance our competitiveness in the international market, and provide greater possibilities for expanding the global market.

Leto is committed to adhering to high standards of ethics and integrity in global business behavior. The company firmly abides by the anti-corruption and anti bribery laws and other norms applicable in the country where it operates, and opposes any unethical behavior. Hold a "zero tolerance" attitude towards any form of corruption. No matter which country we operate in, we should uphold the values of transparency and integrity in our exchanges with business partners and the government.

Leto will strictly abide by the laws and regulations on product safety and environmental protection applicable worldwide, fulfill its compliance commitments to society and consumers, and actively undertake the corresponding compliance obligations of the company.

As a high-tech enterprise, Leto has built a general embedded artificial intelligence system and general hardware platform system for application manufacturers in the vertical field of the industrial chain. It has always paid full attention to network security and data protection, treated the corresponding responsibilities seriously, and will comply with the network security and data privacy protection laws applicable in all jurisdictions around the world. We will monitor and manage the access of employees and partners to sensitive information and private data to prevent some individuals or organizations from using it for malicious purposes.

The company has established a legal department and an internal control and audit department to ensure and supervise the continuous and effective implementation of various internal compliance policies and systems. The company will strictly implement the compliance audit, never tolerate any violation of laws and regulations in business activities, and will investigate the legal responsibility of any employee who violates the compliance policies and practices.

This compliance statement applies to Leto, which is an authorized NPN partner of NVIDIA. We hereby declare that we do not have any other branches at present. The products sold by the company are official authentic products, and there are absolutely no machine dismantling and recycled products. The company will review this statement annually and revise it as necessary.

Anti corruption statement

Lituo believes that commercial corruption affects fair competition in the market and has a very bad impact on society, economy and the development of enterprises. Leto adheres to honest operation, abides by business ethics, abides by the business location and all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, including China's anti-corruption laws, the United Nations Convention against corruption, the overseas anti corruption act of the United States and the anti bribery act of the United Kingdom in 2010, and takes a "zero tolerance" attitude towards corruption. Conduct business in an ethical manner and will not attempt to exert undue influence on others directly or indirectly by paying or providing bribes in any form.

Leto will take active and effective measures and management system to prevent commercial corruption. Leto requires all new employees of Leto to comply with the regulations on integrity and self-discipline management of Leto, and requires all employees or entities and individuals engaged in business activities on behalf of Leto not to bribe government public officials or other third-party entities and individuals in any direct or indirect way to obtain business opportunities. If there are suppliers, agents If the consultant and other business partners (hereinafter referred to as "partners") work with Leto for the same purpose, the employees must refuse and report to the company. The company has Leto integrity and self-discipline reporting system and Leto integrity and self-discipline reporting reward measures 。 When conducting business cooperation with partners, Leto requires partners to comply with Leto's anti-corruption statement and restrict their behavior through agreement terms and corresponding procedures. We regard integrity and integrity as the basic quality of Leto's self-discipline and compliance, and accept the supervision of the whole society. If you know that Leto's employees violate laws and regulations and integrity in their work and business activities, you can report or report to Leto's audit and supervision department at any time by email: Email:

This statement applies to Leto.

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