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AI is driving competitive advantage from automating business processes and gaining insight through data analysis to interacting with customers and employees。

NVIDIA ® Jetson ™ It is the world's leading edge AI platform. The platform includes the Jetson module (compact high-performance computer), jetpack SDK that can accelerate software, and ecosystem containing sensors, SDKs, services and products, so as to speed up development. Jetson is compatible with the same AI software and cloud native workflow used on other NVIDIA platforms, and can provide customers with the performance and power consumption required to build software defined intelligent machines at the edge。

Find the right embedded AI computer for you

product development

To create breakthrough products, whether AI driven network video recorder (NVR), automatic optical inspection (AOI) equipment in the field of high-precision man...

For educators, students and players

NVIDIA Jetson nano Developer Suite is ideal for teaching, learning and developing AI and robots. It provides incredible AI performance at a people-friendly pric...

Flexible and scalable embedded hardware solutions

Each NVIDIA Jetson is a complete system module (SOM), including CPU, GPU, memory, power management, high-speed interface, etc. Jetson module provides a combination of different performance, power consumption and shape specifications, so it can be used by customers in various industries. Jetson ecosystem partners provide software, hardware design services and out of the box compatible products from carrier to complete system, so you can enter the market faster with AI embedded edge devices。

JETSON Product portfolio

Jetson Nano

Jetson nano module is a compact AI computer with ultra-high performance and power consumption. It can run modern AI workload, run multiple neural networks in pa...


Jetson Xavier NX

The compact Jetson Xavier NX module brings up to 21 top accelerated AI computing to the edge. It can run multiple modern neural networks in parallel, process da...


Jetson AGX Xavier Series

Jetson AgX Xavier is the first computer designed for Autonomous machines. This compact, energy-efficient module can provide hardware acceleration and high-speed...


Jetson TX2 系列

The expanded Jetson TX2 series embedded modules provide up to 2.5x Jetson nano performance and low power consumption of 7.5W. The Jetson TX2 NX is compatible wi...


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