Jetson Nano

Small size, low price, significant AI discovery。

NVIDIA ® Jetson Nano ™ The 2GB Developer Suite is ideal for learning, building, and teaching AI and robotics. Designed for creators and priced close to the people. With a familiar linux environment, easy to learn tutorials and ready-made open source projects built by an active community, the suite is the perfect tool for learning by doing。

Quickly familiarize and use AI

Already familiar with MCU? Then, you will love to quickly and easily set up and run modern AI algorithms in the Jetson nano 2GB Developer Suite. Adding AI to your project will help you create your most incredible invention yet。

Jetson nano Developer Suite

Need more memory to handle large datasets? The Jetson nano developer kit includes 4 GB of memory and an additional camera interface. The suite is favored by ent...


Build based on complete NVIDIA stack

NVIDIA JetPack ™ Help you start AI projects quickly and efficiently. It includes a familiar linux environment and provides each Jetson developer with the same ...


Entry resources

Getting Started Guide

Please check out our Jetson nano 2GB Developer Suite getting started guide, which is detailed and easy to understand. It contains everything related to startup and operation。

Jetson AI authentication

Learn and practice AI with Jetson Developer Suite and free online training for developers, students and educators. Upon completion of these courses, you will receive a certificate to demonstrate your ability in Jetson and AI development。

understand JetBot

Learn about the open source NVIDIA jetbot AI robot platform. The platform can be programmed through Jupiter notebooks and contains trainable DNN, which can realize obstacle detection, target following, route planning and navigation。

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