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Course Name: opening AI practice with Jetson nano

Learning mode: Online self-study

Preliminary knowledge: basic understanding of python (helpful but not necessary)

Tools, libraries and frameworks: pytorch, Jetson nano

Course duration: 8 hours

Language: English

Price: Free

Provide certification certificate: after learning, the system will automatically send the certificate after passing the online test

You want to develop AI applications, but don't know how to do it? In fact, this can be easier than you think. NVIDIA can provide different tools, inspiration and guidance for professionals, researchers, students and AI enthusiasts.

Jetson nano Developer Kit - this is an easy-to-use and powerful Mini AI computer that can run multiple neural network applications in parallel, such as image classification, target detection, object segmentation and natural language processing. In this course, you will use the Jupiter iPhone notebook to build a deep learning classification application based on the machine vision model on your Jetson nano.

You will learn how to:

Set up your Jetson nano and camera

Collect image data for classification model

Mark image data for regression model

Train neural networks on your data to create your own model

Use the model you created on the Jetson nano for reasoning

Upon completion, you will be able to create your own deep learning classification and regression model on Jetson nano.

For hardware configuration suggestions, please visit www.nvidia.com Cn / DLI to view the course details.

How to start this course

Use your computer's chrome or Firefox browser to access DLI's official website www.nvidia.com Cn / DLI, select the corresponding course under the personal learning column, click the course name to expand the course introduction, and then click the button to start learning.

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