Yin Lilong meets with Lituo technology merchants

 News     |      2021-12-24 13:49:14    |      沥拓

On October 31, Shenzhen Lituo Technology Co., Ltd. went to Quzhou county to cooperate in the construction of artificial intelligence projects. The county magistrate Yin Lilong, county leaders Liu Wei, long Pingyun, Wang Xiaowei, the Bureau of Commerce, the Bureau of science and industry and other main responsible comrades met with Yu Wenjun and his party.

During the meeting, Yin Lilong welcomed the guests of Shenzhen Lituo Technology Co., Ltd. After listening to the relevant introduction of Shenzhen Lituo Technology Co., Ltd., Yin Lilong said that Lituo technology has strong technical capabilities in big data, artificial intelligence and so on, It is hoped that Leto technology can combine the advantages of Quzhou local characteristic bicycle (stroller) industry, accelerate the construction of a new intelligent economic community, and comprehensively promote the digitization, branding and intelligent construction of Quzhou bicycle (stroller).

Yin Lilong pointed out that it is necessary to create new formats such as smart Quzhou, smart education, smart medical treatment, smart transportation and smart people's livelihood, so that the people can truly feel the new changes brought by artificial intelligence to their daily life. We will actively create favorable conditions, provide support, service and guarantee for the project construction, and create a first-class environment for Leto technology's investment and development in Quzhou.

The general manager of Leto technology said that it is willing to deepen the field of cooperation with Quzhou, improve the level of cooperation and achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development. We will promote the in-depth development of strictly administering the party in an all-round way.